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 Edith Attebury

 by Bob Campbell

                        Edith Attebury passes away on November 4th from a heart attack she had on the 30th of October. Her funeral was on the 8th and many friends and family were present. Several club members attended the service and John Attebury asked George Wilson and Lance Johnson to be pallbearers.

                        Our sincerest condolences go to John Attebury and his families. We will greatly miss her in our lives and wish we all had a chance to tell her how much we loved and appreciated her. Edith’s magnetism was felt by all she comes in contact with and her commitment to follow through was unquestionable. Her blunt honesty will be remembered by all to whom it was aimed for. No one could stand up to this women and not be humbled by her frankness in speech.

                        Edith’s accomplishments were many in the Nuts organization. It was Edith who made the Token hunter anxiously awaited to be read by the club members. She had taken over the job early in 1984 and did the best editing we have ever had. She kept us all in the line and informed us in the 20 months she was editor. It was Edith who George and I always fell back on to help with our spelling and form of letter content. We always contacted her if something was in the wind and had to be done. She always called members when something important came up and had to get out to the members fast. It seemed we always had to clear it with Edith first and get the okay if everything was going to work. It was Edith who typed and formulated the bylaws of the club. She also did the incorporation papers and had a great influence with all official items of club business. It was Edith who did publicity for our 1st Coin and Token Show. She did a special newsletter and all the odd jobs that had to do with the show. She made the club medal/token program work by her follow through. Edith did much to back up all functions of club business and without her and johns help the club would not be as well off as it is today. She will be greatly missed at our meetings.

                        Edith had many collections that she was always working on. She accumulated bricks with writing on them. Tokens from Utah and Idaho were her interest and especially from Juab and Sanpete counties and southern Idaho around Gooding. She has an Iron collection and bottles, books miniatures, glass everything that would be collectable she saved it. Just ask John if she ever threw anything away that he found with his metal detector. She went to ships, stores, swap meets; yard and garage sales to feed the monster that made her save a piece of history and preserve it for future generations. She was a purest – she collected anything that used to be useful.

                        On the club outings in which we all went digging for treasure, Edith always had John pop-up the table on the side of their trailer to pile the masses of interesting junk that john and her would find. They always had the most and it was the gathering place to share the experiences of the hunt and excitement of treasure that was forgotten in time. She always was there to talk and listen plus add her opinion on the treasure that you found and what it was used for. The times we spent around the camp fires I’ll always cherish forever. The stories were tall and the bull was deep but we sure had a lot of laughs.

                        Edith was involved with many organizations and clubs. She was always giving of her time and talent. Everything was for the clubs growth and the building up of your character. She will always be remembered and loved in our hearts because of the love she had for other people. She truly was a giver and not a taker or a complainer. She is the Silver Lady!

In 1984 the governing board of the National Utah Token Society voted to award a trophy to the best original article to appear in the Token Hunter. In 1985 our newsletter editor Edith Attebury passed away due to a heart attack. It was decided that our literary award would become a traveling trophy. That it would be named in her honor and the award was made retroactive for one year to make all articles part of the award.

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