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Diggers on the National Geographic Channel

Man claims treasure found on Google Earth

Austrian man finds centuries-old treasure in backyard

Class ring lost 40 years ago 'finds' Illinois man

Woman finds treasure with metal detector worth $400, 000

Deep-sea booty! $500,000 million in coins found

Rare coin is highlight of years of searching

The Midas Touch

Our Club President for 2010 and his cache of silver coins he found this summer.

Garrett Metal Detecting History

Utah Treasure Hunting Legends

Treasure Hunting America - Whites Metal Detectors

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Boy Finds Wedding Rings Buried in Yard


We have a "travel bug" somewhere in our geocaches!  Our travel bug is a marked geocaching coin that we're asking people to move from cache to cache.  It's trying to visit all of our state park geocaches!  If you find this coin, please help it find it's way to another state park geocache.  If you email us a photo of you leaving it at a state park geocache (one that it hasn't visited yet) and officially log your drop-off at, we'll mail you an identical coin for you to keep! (note: this geocache hunt expired at the end of 2007).

Hint: N 40 46.341 W 111 56.263   

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Visit the Time Team America website

TIME TEAM AMERICA is a new science/reality series that sends archaeologists on a race against time to excavate historic sites around the nation. The team has 72 hours to uncover the buried secrets of their assigned digs using the latest technology, decades of expertise and their own sharp wits.
Episode: Range Creek, Utah

Time Team investigates a remote area in eastern Utah that may hold clues to the lives of the Fremont People who lived over 1000 years ago. Most of the sites in the canyon remain virtually untouched, providing a rare opportunity to find out what may have happened to the people who once flourished there.

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call Lori Edmunds South Jordan Special Events Coordinator at

801-254-3742 ext. 1801, cost: $5.00

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Click on picture above to find more Treasures

Watch the video to the end to view the complete series

$10 Gold Coin Found with a Metal Detector

2009 Lincoln Bicentennial One Cent Program

The Archaeology Channel

Explore the human cultural heritage

through streaming media.

Video Guide

The Secrets of Lost Canyon

When it was revealed in 2004, Range Creek Canyon became a worldwide

 sensation. In a special parcel of land wedged

in a remote corner of Utah, the Wilcox family had protected

 hundreds---if not thousands---of ancient Fremont Culture archaeological sites.

But other stories lurk behind the headlines and media hype.

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